May 25, 2015
Hi! I'm a PhD. student on Hydraulic Engineering and Environment, in the Multidisciplinary Centre of Fluid Modelling (Polytechnic University of Valencia). In this site I would like to show us part of my scientific interests, researches and, perhaps, a bit more of myself...

I have a strong background in Statistics and in the last years my interest is trying to explore in deep Machine Learning models. My current researches focuses on Biometry, Healthy and (of course) Hydraulics applications. One of these is the division of a Water Supply Network into District Metered Areas based on different kind of clusters. I passed a nice time in LITIS at INSA of Rouen (in Normandy) developing some aspects of graph kernel clustering methods to applied to Water Supplies. Predictive models and water demand behavior are other points of my interest. I feel very lucky to have worked about it in LIAAD (Porto) and to maintain our collaborations.
Research Topics
The main line of my interest is propose a kernel spectral clustering with a kernel matrix specially designed to gather the graphical structure of the Water Supply Network and other aspects and constraints. With it, I'm looking for an efficient methodology to work for large size systems and offers an adequate solution to the DMA paradigm. The extraction of features of these clusters of supply including their predictive demand behavior, detecting anomalies, completes this line. In parallel to it, I'm developing software and methods based on R Language, EPANET and Multi-Agent Systems (scripting NetLogo) to simulate different situations of a WSN management.